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One Day Teachers’ Course

The one day course has been devised primarily for teachers who intend to use the INPP School Intervention programme. The course comprises:

The INPP Developmental Movement Programme for use in Schools has been designed specifically to be used in schools with groups of children over the course of one academic year. Exercises from the INPP programme for schools should not be used out of context with individual children.

Morning session (4 Hours):

  •  Introduction

  • Signs and symptoms of movement disorders in the classroom

  • The role of movement in sensory perception and coordination

  • Links between specific learning difficulties and sensory-motor dysfunction

  • What is Neuro-Developmental Delay?

  • Primitive reflexes as signposts of maturity in the functioning of the central nervous system and measures of  improvement following an intervention programme

  • Instruction in the use of The INPP Screening Test

Afternoon Session (2 Hours):

  • Instruction and group participation in how to implement the INPP School Intervention Programme

  • Requirements for implementation of the INPP Programme in Schools:

  • Dedicated staffing by a teacher who has attended the INPP Day course, to cover:

  • 15 minutes’ assessment per child at the beginning and the end of the programme

  • Supervision by class teacher of exercises for 10 minutes per day, 5 days a week for a minimum of 1 academic year.

  • The programme has been designed to be used either with an entire class of children or selected groups of children as required.


Please contact Yvette for further information about dates for this teacher training program.

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