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When I first started working with the brain to help people improve function, I worked with children, primary aged children, many of the parents said they had the same symptoms as their child. Some still had car sickness, others had completed uni but struggled with exams, or couldn’t understand why they had to put so much effort in when their class mates seems to be doing it easy. Others said they didn’t complete high school due to struggling with the work. They realised that it was simply a brain imbalance or immaturity that was causing the difficulties, that it wasn't their effort or something they had to endure forever. 


Through these conversations I began to want to help these parents and other adults too, I wanted to help myself with own version of quirks that would make life simpler.  Mostly these things we can work around, we have, been working around them, but life would be easier, more joyful without these things. Sometimes for adults these things got really in the way of life choices because learning was way too hard, things didn't click like they did for others.


I love to share my skills with adults and help achieve their goals, taking life from being effortful to having a simplicity, reducing stress through improving our brain function.  Below is a list of things that you may relate to, mostly people will have a mix of things not everything on the list, we are all so different. 


Below are some areas adults I have worked with have seen improvements or complete resolution where they don’t have that difficulty anymore. 

  • Do you notice that you forget more easily?

  • Do you remember bank card pin number? (when it changes?)

  • Do dance lessons appeal but you know you won’t remember the steps?

  • Do fitness classes leave you behind with their complex routines? 

  • Can you ride your bike slowly or at all? 

  • Can you remember more than 3 tasks? 

  • Would you like better balance, memory, more energy?

  • Do you have social phobias or panic attacks?

  • Do you get overwhelmed regularly?

  • Do you hoard or find it hard to let go of items?

  • Do you become withdrawn?

  • Is your writing messy, or messier than it used to be?

  • Is it hard to write down ideas?

  • Did you have a hobby or skills that you don’t do anymore? Singing? Playing an instrument? A craft or sport?

  • Motion sickness

  • Emotional overwhelm (parents report it being hard with small children, yelling or easily triggered emotionally)

  • Do you avoid reading?

  • Did you love reading but now avoid it?

  • When reading do your eyes miss words or do you find yourself reading the same line twice or miss the new line?

  • Is it hard to co-ordinate yourself with, swimming, dancing or other sports?

  • Is it hard for you to develop a routine or to create habits? Do you long to make changes in your life but find it almost impossible?

  • Do you have sensory difficulties, disliking touching things, limited with your eating, gag on food or particular about the fabric or clothing you choose?

  • Are you overwhelmed by sounds, or do certain sounds irritate you more than others?

The lists could go on and on, but that gives a good overview, if you answered yes to any of those things its likely I could help you.  I offer the first consultation free where you get to meet me, find out about how I can help where we can discuss your desires. If you want more information, give me a call to ask some questions or book a free initial consultation. My number is 0414 406 131.

I have a questionnaire that you can fill out here or that we can fill out together

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